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Party Rules

1) The only type of play allowed in the party areas is spanking, which DOES include flogging and whipping the buttocks.  The TASSP Dark Party is an exception to this rule.  This rule does not apply to what you do in your private hotel room.

2) The only type of nudity allowed in the party area is bare bottoms. The host of a TASSP suite party may set their own rules for nudity.  Nudity is allowed at the TASSP Dark Party.

3) No sexual activity is allowed in the public party areas.  If you get lucky (woohoo!), take it to your private hotel room, or the TASSP Dark Party! (You know, “Get a room!”)

4) IGNORING A SAFEWORD IS CAUSE FOR REMOVAL FROM THE PARTY. Red for stop, yellow for take it easy, and green for go go go.

5) You MUST wear your TASSP name tag at ALL TIMES.  Our security personnel will not let anyone without a TASSP name tag into any TASSP event.  If you see someone in a TASSP event without a name tag, please notify security or a party leader immediately.

6) No play or nudity in public hotel areas such as the hallways, elevators, and lobby.

7) Do not interfere with anyone else’s play. Do make yourself comfortable and watch, but don’t involve yourself unless invited.

8) If you want to engage in role-play, please do, but let some nearby folks know. (Role-play can appear to be non-consensual.)

9) While alcohol is not against the rules, anyone who is inebriated will not be allowed to play. (And no illegal drugs of any kind are allowed.)

10) No photographs without EXPRESS consent from EVERYONE in the picture, including those in the background.

11) Any and all people involved in private sessions MUST have a ticket to the party. This rule is for the safety of our guests and will be enforced.

12) Signs are NOT allowed to be posted on doors or anywhere in public view without approval. Small postings in the corner of room windows such as “Steve’s Room” or “Kelley’s Room” are allowed. But no “Get Your Floggings Here!” signs please!

13) You are responsible for your own room. Any and all damages in your room are your responsibility. And obviously, please don’t damage anything in the party areas.

14) If someone has declined to play with you, that includes during fund-raising events and games, too.

15) If you are not absolutely sure that you have consent to do something to someone, don’t do it. Consent is not subject to lawyering or loopholes.

16) The TASSP Dark Party has special rules.