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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Go to our registration page to preregister.  You can pay with PayPal or pay cash at the door.  Preregistration is your best and least expensive option.

If you miss the deadline to preregister, you can register at the door.

We offer full registration for the entire party (recommended), a Friday-only day pass, a Saturday-only day pass, and a vendor-only pass to sell at our vendor fair without attending any party events.

Where’s the party?

Click here for information regarding the hotel.

How much does it cost?

Please see the registration page for current pricing.  The earlier you register, the less it costs.

Hotel accommodations are not included in your TASSP registration.  If you will be staying at the hotel, please see the hotel page for more information.

What does my registration fee include?

Everything on the schedule except what you spend inside the vendor fair with our vendors and/or on our charity fundraising events.

What if I just want to come to the vendor fair?

Admission is free with an adult photo ID.  Please see the schedule for when and where.

Suite Parties?

Yes.  Some are open to everyone, some are invitation only.

What is the gender ratio like? Will there be enough ___?

Our male/female gender ratio is usually about half and half.  Male tops and female bottoms are most common.  There are also plenty of female tops, male bottoms, and switches of both genders.  We also have a sgrowing number of guests of non-binary gender.

We welcome guests desiring M/M spanking. They are still a little scarce, but their numbers are growing rapidly.  We don’t want you to be disappointed, so if that’s what you’re looking for, please network on our FetLife discussion group before the party to find play partners.

How can you throw a decent party for such a low price?

We’re not out to make a profit.  We’re only trying to cover expenses.  We try to keep prices as low as possible so more people can attend.

What safety measures do you have in place?

All guests are required to wear their TASSP badges at all times to protect from potentially troublesome party crashers.  if you see anyone inside a TASSP event without a TASSP badge, please notify us immediately.

All guests are encouraged to come to us with any concerns or complaints.  If you have first-hand knowledge of someone causing a problem, please tell us.  We can’t do anything if we don’t know. Your report may save another from becoming a victim. Frequently after we take action against a troublemaker, we hear, “That jerk did it to me too, but I didn’t say anything.”

We have security people who guard the doors for some events and keep an eye on things the rest of the time.

We provide our security and registration personnel with information on known troublemakers so that they can be kept out of the party.

During the rest of the year, we try to keep up with reports of troublemakers at local events and at other spanking parties so that we can be prepared if they try to come to TASSP.

To whom do we register concerns or complaints?

Princess Kelley or Steve (MrOMK).

If it needs immediate action, you may also report it to Sir Badge (head of security), Jerry Bear, Joe (DrLectr), Jimbo, RachelKay, or any member of the security staff.

I really hate so-and-so. Are you REALLY going to allow that %^*&* to attend your party?

If we become aware that someone has caused a problem at our party or at anther event, or that they have committed a crime, we will use our judgement and act appropriately.  That may range from keeping an eye on them to a permanent ban.  If you have first-hand knowledge of someone’s criminal history or of them causing a problem, please tell us.

What’s the closest airport and what’s the best way to travel between the airport and the hotel?

Dallas Love Field is the closest airport to the hotel at 11 miles. DFW Airport is second closest at 21 miles. The hotel does not offer an airport shuttle. There’s a lot of good information about this topic here.

Do I need to be a member of FetLife.com to attend the party?

We strongly recommend it.  We treat FetLife as an extension of this web site to host our discussion forum and to post information and updates not found here.  Our TASSP discussion group on FetLife is here.  FetLife.com membership is free.

Do you have a TASSP app?

Yes, we have a TASSP Guidebook app that’s compatible with just about all modern devices. Here’s more information.

What should I wear?

Most people dress casually when the event doesn’t call for something different.

The official dress code:

  • Party areas: Pretty much anything you want. Ordinary or exciting, it’s up to you. Please limit nudity to bare bottoms. Private suite parties may have different rules. Full nudity is permitted at the dark party.
  • Public areas like the lobby and hallways: Nothing that would upset a vanilla with children.
  • Saturday night dinner: The 2017 theme is “Black, White, and Platinum.”
  • Uniformed Tops Event: A uniform, if you want to participate as a top.

Suggestions for Bottoms:

  • A buttload of panties/underwear.
  • Dresses/kilts for easy butt access.
  • Consider a thong so that you don’t have to take it off for spanking.
  • Tops that aren’t too long so that they don’t obstruct butt access.
  • Lightweight shoes so that you don’t injure someone if you kick one off.
  • If your won’t be lowering your underwear, wear the skimpiest you can to help tops see where they are spanking.
  • Some people wear conventional underwear over a thong so that their underwear can be taken down without exposing everything.

Suggestions for Tops:

  • Footwear without laces.
  • Comfortable tops that don’t restrict your arm motion.
  • Bottoms with big pockets for your favorite pocket-sized implement.

Do you have some suggested educational links?

I don’t like that there are so many specialized events all the time. They reduce time to see my friends or relax or meet people. They take away potential play partners and reduce play time. I want to do something else during that time, but I don’t want to miss what happened.

Attendance at all of our events is optional. If you don’t wish to attend an event, that’s fine. It’s your choice. We believe that it’s better to offer a choice than limit the number of events.

Most of our events are intended to bring together compatible guests. What better place to meet people and potential play partners? Even in events where individual interaction is brief, guests meet and then get to know each other better during the rest of the party.

If guests prefer to attend an event rather than play, that’s their choice.

Almost all of our events allow entry and exit during the event. Perhaps you can attend just part of the event if you don’t want to miss out.

I’m shy! I don’t know anyone! How do I meet people? How do I get play?

  • Many of our guests are shy. Outgoing guests are often shy people pushing themselves to overcome it.
  • Read, comment, and make posts on our FetLife discussion group before the party to make friends and find play partners.
  • Attend our events. The purpose of most of our events is to bring together compatible groups of guests and/or to speed the process of asking, getting consent, and negotiating for newbies and shy guests.
  • Talk to people! Do it! Everyone there is interested in spanking. It’s not like the vanilla world where you have to hide it. Many of our guests are also shy and would love it if you started the conversation.
  • If you want to play with someone, just ask. Most guests want to share a spanking with someone. Generally, the people you ask will be glad you did. If you get a no, so what? Just say thanks and move on. It’s happened to everyone. Most likely no one noticed or cared. If someone is rude in saying no, don’t feel bad. Be glad you found out before you played with them.