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The Dark Party

The Dark Party offers kink beyond spanking. Enjoy clothing-optional BDSM fun in a room stocked with dungeon equipment.

Most spankos are not familiar with formal BDSM protocols, so mutual respect and understanding are required at the Dark Party.  Spankos, if you approach someone and are referred to their Dom(me), please respect that.  Dom(me)s and subs, if a spanko approaches a collared sub directly, please be understanding.

Some things at the Dark Party are safer when covered by a condom.  If you might be playing with anything like that, we recommend that you bring and use condoms.

A DM is a Dungeon Monitor, someone who keeps an eye on what’s happening and takes action if necessary to keep things safe and consensual.

The following special rules apply to the Dark Party:

Dark Party Rules:

  • Have fun!
  • House safeword is RED.
  • DMs may ask gawkers to leave.
  • Clothing is optional inside the dungeon.
  • Clean your station before and after using it.
  • Cap your water bottle when you aren’t drinking.
  • No entry without your TASSP badge or wristband.
  • Any decision by a DM is final and must be obeyed.
  • If what you see makes you uncomfortable, go elsewhere.
  • If you see something that you believe is unsafe or non-consensual, tell a DM.
  • If you are going to gag someone, you must agree on a visual safeword with them first.
  • If you are going to tie someone, you must have a suitable emergency rope cutter immediately accessible to you.
  • If you are going to do anything edgy or anything that might appear to be unsafe or non-consensual, tell a DM in advance.
  • All of the TASSP rules regarding safety, consent, and etiquette also apply at the Dark Party: TASSP Party Rules. Tips for Tops.  Tips for Bottoms.
  • No:
    • Fire
    • Scat
    • Drama
    • Wax play
    • Bodily fluids
    • Drugs or alcohol
    • Self masturbation
    • Intoxicated persons
    • Professional sessions
    • Cameras or devices including a camera
    • Outside food or drink. We provide free bottled water.
    • Interrupting a scene (Unless RED is called and the Top doesn’t stop)
    • Anything outside the dungeon area which would upset a vanilla with children
    • Anything that would damage, stain, or wet the carpet, walls, or other hotel property
    • Screaming, moaning, or similar noises loud enough to bother or concern anyone in the lobby.  Consider consensual use of a gag if appropriate.