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Dana Spect

I am a professional disciplinarian. I believe you are never too old to be turned over my knee and taught a lesson with the tried and true method that worked so well back in the good ol’ days.

I have been administering discipline and punishment to adult naughty boys and girls for over 15 years. I conduct sessions in my private home in a Victorian-style bedroom. I enjoy role-play scenarios or addressing real life issues such as weight loss, motivation, smoking cessation, etc. I am a firm believer in corporal punishment and come from an era where it was an ingredient of normal life.

I am a traditional Mom of the 1950’s and my style of spanking is seated on a wooden straight back chair and turning you over my knee, bare bottom of course. I am the best at giving a hand spanking. Ask anyone who has experienced a trip over my knee. I also use leather straps, which you would receive while bending over a chair or dresser, or lying on the bed. I have many wooden hairbrushes and wooden paddles and a wide assortment of canes. I can give a long, hard bare bottom hand spanking only or use each and every one of my implements, whatever you prefer.

I will be available for spanking sessions at the Texas All State Spanking Party during the time of June 13-19. Email me at danaspec@pacbell.net

My website is www.danaspecht.com