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Amelia Jane Rutherford

Hi, I’m Amelia Jane Rutherford, a naughty, haughty English spanking enthusiast and CP actress.  I’ve always loved the idea of being spanked, and my first real opportunity came when I was contacted on a mainstream modelling website by Dallas, of www.dallasspankshard.com.  I didn’t think I could risk doing spanking work alongside my regular modelling career, but Dallas cleverly gave me a pass to his website and I breathlessly watched every video I could (on a slow dialup connection, where the video would freeze every 20 seconds or so).  Once I knew it was possible to try spanking out in a safe environment I decided to give CP modelling a go.  And I loved it!

Of course, soon it wasn’t enough for me to only get spanked every few months at photo shoots so I was very happy when I met a lovely man who liked spanking and caning as much as I did, and we’re getting married later this year.

I decided to start a blog so people who liked my work and were curious about CP could come and read about my experiences and last year I was contacted by Paul “Tubaman” and Sarah Gregory, who were coming to England for a photoshoot!  I had the best time in the world working with them, and when they invited me to Dallas, I was so excited that I almost fell downstairs.  Since Dallas the person was my introduction to CP; coming to Dallas, Texas seems like a lovely serendipitous full circle and I can’t wait to attend my very first spanking party.  In Texas!  I’ve heard that the food is giant, there are great big hats, and that there are spanking enthusiasts everywhere.  Well, I didn’t hear that, but I HOPE that! And I think it might be rather a dangerous place for a haughty English girl 🙂

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