Christy Cutie

Christy punished Christy Cutie is a naughty 23 year old girl from Los Angeles, California, and bona fide born spanko.

Ever since she was a very little girl she had been in love with the idea of spanking. Any time she saw a movie or read a book that had a spanking scene in it her heart would start to race, her cheeks would blush; curiosity, anticipation, and desire rushed through her. Around age 12 Christy began to draw spanking art; naughty little doodles in her school notebooks, and colored pencil sketches in her diary (complete with cherry red bottoms of course).

webCCprocrastinate-151When Christy entered high school she became enraptured by spanking erotica and even began to write down fantasies of her own, but, it wasn’t until 2011 that she received her very first spanking. A romantic stroll along the beach at sunset, hand in hand with her first serious boyfriend, Christy found herself bent over his knee on a park bench, jeans and panties pulled down for what would be the first of MANY bare bottom spankings to come!

Since then, Christy has become addicted to spankings, and absolutely fallen in love with the lifestyle! Christy has been blessed to have met so many like-minded people in the community, including her wonderful Daddy! Since meeting the Daddy of her dreams, Christy has begun spanking and fetish modeling (which she loves!) and, as a direct result of playing with her Daddy, she has developed a VERY high pain tolerance for spanking (which is good when you are as bratty as Christy is).

Tease-109 smChristy will be offering private sessions as a bottom, Top or Switch at this year’s Texas All-State Spanking Party! She also offers double sessions with some of her naughty friends! For those of you who are interested in booking a session, feel free to contact her for more information:

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