Heather Michaels

HI! I’m Heather Michaels, a new spanking model originally from California. I recently decided to start modeling and have had the great opportunity to work with some incredible people including Lily Starr and the kind folks at SpankingCourt and Sternwood Academy.
    Spanking has been a fascination of mine since I was old enough to look up the word “spank” in the dictionary. I was elated and relieved to discover others out there with minds that work the same way as mine. I first started reading about the spanko community online through a site called “spankingneeds.com” and from there my research led to other sites such as bottomlines.co.uk and Fetlife.
     I met my first spanking partner through a yahoo group for people interested in the subject about two and a half years ago. We were both 100% new to the scene and had no idea were to start. But as we both got the hang of it, things blossomed into a great friendship and Top/bottom dynamic. We are now living in Texas together and in a happy romantic/spanking relationship. It has taken a long time for me to embrace this side of myself, but I am now confident in who I am as a spanko and enjoy it more than I can describe. Modeling has given and continues to give me the chance to be a part of something I have always dreamed of being involved in, trust and friendship within the spanko community.
    I can’t wait to meet as many people as I possibly can at my first spanking party!