Pandora Blake

I’m Pandora Blake, an excitable English spanking enthusiast, performer and producer. Like many of you my fascination with spanking is one of my earliest memories, and I started playing with like-minded girlfriends and boyfriends as soon as I possibly could. I’m 27 now, and far from growing out of it, it feels that I get kinkier with every year that passes, and discover new interests, new pleasures and new parts of myself.

I took the plunge into modelling when I was 22, starting out posing for geeky friends who wanted play with their new camera equipment, and quickly discovering a love of nude and fetish modelling. By that age I had already gotten together with both my current partners, two long-haired dominant, sadistic men who are both very kind, very clever and with whom I am still very much in love. So I was being spanked fairly regularly and very happy about it, as well as exploring all sorts of other kinky play. When I was offered a chance to pose for spanking photos it was a dream come true. I hadn’t even realised there were people making spanking images, but it just seemed like the most unbelievably perfect modelling job. After that photoshoot I immediately wrote to all of the spanking video sites I could find, asking if they’d like to work with me, and some of them said yes.

Since then I’ve worked for a lot of UK spanking sites. Performing in spanking video is the most fun I ever have. It brings together so many parts of myself, combining diverse skills and hobbies in a creative, positive, social and sexy way. I love acting and roleplay, writing spanking stories and exploring all the myriad things that make this kink so interesting. In fact, I was enjoying myself so much and had so many ideas for new videos that in the end, I decided to open my own studio. I wanted to and create spanking films expressing my most dark, imaginative, off-the-wall fantasies, and make them just the way I wanted. I launched Dreams of Spanking ( last December, and am having so much fun sharing my kinky dreams with the world. It means I legitimately get to think about spanking all the time, and I’ve never been happier.

The other big change over the last year is that I’ve got in touch with my switch side, and am increasingly developing my skills and confidence as a top. It turns out that I have a sadistic streak a mile wide, and I’ve discovered a particular love of administering the implement that’s also my favourite as a bottom: the cane.

I’ve never visited the United States, but I was very lucky to meet the lovely Sarah Gregory and Paul Tubaman when they came to England last year, and I had a lot of fun making videos for Sarah’s members site and Paul’s Spanking 101. I was delighted by both of them, and Paul told me about the Texas All State Party and that I would be very welcome to take part. I didn’t think I would get the chance so soon! I am absolutely thrilled to be coming and already feeling somewhat over-excited. It will be my first time in America, my first big proper spanking party and vendor’s fair, and my first time meeting all of you. I’m sure it will be a very big adventure!

Websites I run:

Dreams of Spanking – Ethical punishment porn with romance, drama and adventure.
Spanked, Not Silenced – my blog on kink, porn and politics.

plus my clips stores: Dreams of Spanking at Spanking Library – Dreams of Spanking at Clips 4 Sale