Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory


My name is Sarah Gregory, I am a professional spanking/fetish model, and a true born spanko!!! I knew I had a strong interest in spanking since as early as I can remember. So as well as being into the spanking lifestyle, I also have appeared in many of today’s popular spanking/fetish websites. I run my own member’s spanking website, and my own personal spanking blog,

I started as a bottom only to women and as I got more comfortable with myself in this lifestyle, I started bottoming to men that I felt comfortable with. For the past 2 years I have really enjoyed the switching aspect of spanking and have enjoyed learning to use lots of implements and spanking naughty girls and boys.sarahgregory05 I offer professional spanking sessions as a top only. I wanted to really know what I was doing and develop a clear sense of self and confidence with spanking before taking on this new venture, so for the first 3 years of my spanking career, I didn’t offer this service. I now feel very comfortable providing this professional service and will be available at TASSP for booking private spanking sessions. I am super excited for this year’s party as I will get to see many of my spanking friends and fans again.


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