The Girls of Amateur Spankings


Kaye has done videos with AmateurSpankings for about 10 years and has developed quite a following.  When she’s not getting her bottom warmed for whatever reason, she is a huge sports fan and especially a fan of the Atlanta Braves.


Hi, I’m Skylar.  You may remember me from such spanking videos as, “Skylar Eggs A House,” and “Paddled at School 9″.  I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia.  I have been currently residing in Texas for almost six years.  I joined back in 2007.  I hope to continue to delight my fans for years to come.  In my spare time I enjoy cooking, shopping, and watching cheesy teen dramas with my cat.



Shayla is new to AmateurSpankings.  Her real-life mom sent her to AmateurSpankings a few months ago and she’s quickly becoming very popular.  She’s always in trouble for something.  This 18-year-old is the real deal.